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37 W. 39th Street
12th Floor
New York, NY 10018
Runit Systems

Take Your Retail Technology to the Next Level

At Runit Systems, we believe that a Point of Sale System should become your tool for making more money, plain and simple. Our deep size-based inventory matrix enables specialty retailers (Clothing/Apparel, Footwear/Shoe, Sporting Goods & Gifts) to understand more than ever about the items they carry.Our reporting functions simplify the process of uncovering opportunities that may have been hidden in the past. Combining the most critical information with up-to-the- minute, real-time access to every store from any PC, iPhone/iPad, or Android means that you can take the right actions, whenever you need to, and from wherever you happen to be. And with our new iPod/iPad POS extension,you can take your business to places previously unimagined.


Target Retailer/Client:

Arts & Crafts; Department; Discount;

Novelty; Specialty - Hardlines; Specialty

- Softlines; Sporting Goods;

Apparel/Clothing, Footwear

Hardware Platforms: Windows

PC/Tablet, Mac, iPad, iPod, iPhone

Operating Systems:

Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS ,

Mac OS

Software Group:


Remote Access: Yes

Programming Language: Delphi

Database Name: SQL

Pricing: Monthly subscription with no

term commitment. Starts at


Number of Installs: 5,000+

Year Introduced: 2001

Representative Clients: MaxMara,

RSG/FinishLine, Bachrach, Olympic

Golf, SoccerLoco, Ike Behar, Sharpe’s,

Harry’s Shoes, Museum of Art and

Design, XpresSpa, Hilton Hotels

Visit our website:
Runit Systems | 37 W. 39th Street 12th Floor New York, NY 10018 | 888x-777x-8648
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