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Sugar Land, TX 77478
Compliance Networks

retail Compliance Management Solution

Designed as a single source data repository, rCMS gives retail executives,merchants and distribution personnel visibility into all supply chain activitiesthat affect the flow of merchandise from the suppliers’ docks to the retailfloors - and the tools necessary to leverage this valuable business intelligence.rCMS collects data from key processes including purchase orders,distribution center and store receiving, RF and physical audits andinspections, ASN data and freight data to provide the following key benefits:

  • Avoid or recover unnecessary costs
  • Improve vendor collaboration through objective data sharing
  • Leverage greater visibility to ensure consistency and predictability

Target Retailer/Client:

All Retailers

Hardware Platforms: rCMS is not

platform dependent

Remote Access: Yes

Programming Language: rCMS

leverages a variety of programming


Year Introduced: 2000

Representative Clients: Kohl’s

Corporation, Tractor Supply Company,

Burlington Stores, The Neiman Marcus

Group, Stein Mart, the Bon-Ton Stores

Direct Support: Yes

3rd Party Support: No

Multi Currency: No

3rd Party Interface: No

Web Demo: Yes

Geographic Areas Sold:

North America, United States

Annual Retail Sales - Target


All Groups

ARTS (Association for Retail

Technology Standards) Compliance:

Standard Relational Data Model: No

Unified Point of Service: No

IXRetail Standard XML Schemas: No

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