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2000 Ericsson Drive
Suite 200
Warrendale, PA 15086
First Insight, Inc.


First Insight is the world’s leading solution provider empowering brands and retailers to design, select and price new, winning products.

The First Insight solution gives designers, merchants and planners insight into consumer demand and optimal entry price points for new products.This insight is delivered by applying predictive analytic models to online data collected from thousands of consumers within 48 hours. Results have been proven to be more accurate than in-store testing and are delivered with speed and scale. Retailers also use First Insight’s ForeSight solution to benchmark their new product success rates against aggregated industry success rates by category.

First Insight’s customers include leading department stores, wholesalers, specialty and luxury retailers, sporting goods, home, jewelry and footwear companies.

Target Retailer/Client:

All Retailers

Remote Access: Yes

Programming Language: Webbased


Year Introduced: 2007

Direct Support: Yes

3rd Party Support: No

Multi Currency: Yes

3rd Party Interface: No

Web Demo: Yes

Geographic Areas Sold:

Australia/New Zealand, China, Europe,

Latin America, North America, United

Kingdom, United States

Annual Retail Sales - Target


All Groups

ARTS (Association for Retail

Technology Standards) Compliance:

Standard Relational Data Model: No

Unified Point of Service: No

IXRetail Standard XML Schemas: No

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First Insight, Inc. | 2000 Ericsson Drive Suite 200 Warrendale, PA 15086 | 412x-638x-8204
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