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6535 North State Hwy 161
Irving, TX 75039
NEC Corporation of America

Stanchion Store

Stanchion® Front Counter

Stanchion front counter controls all aspects of your POS sales tasks.Capabilities include gift card redemptions, product searches, price lookups,receipt reprinting and sales invoice creation. Mobile store applications allowemployees to work untethered to complete tasks, including inventory, orderingand receiving.

Stanchion® Back Office

Stanchion back office features enterprise-level, back-of-store capabilities, witheasy-to-use product-configuration and system-administration tools right at yourfingertips. Back-of-store features enable easy system management whilesupporting global POS terminals.

Stanchion® Enterprise

Stanchion enterprise has robust store applications that include managing shelflabels, reporting data and producing POS-display slide shows to promoteproducts, services and campaigns. Sophisticated promotions can beimplemented immediately, taking advantage of real-time data. The master datarepository gives the ability to effectively manage integrity for all store systems.

Target Retailer/Client:

All Retailers

Hardware Platforms:

Hardware Agnostic,

Microsoft Windows, Linux

Operating Systems:

Linux, Microsoft Windows

Software Group:

Client Server Vendors

Microsoft Windows


Remote Access: Yes


Language: Java, Delfi,


Database Name: Progress

DB, Postgresql 8.1, SQL

Server 2000

Pricing: Contact Us

Number of Installs:

Contact Us

Year Introduced: 2014

Representative Clients:

Uniqlo, OXXO, Couche-Tard

Direct Support: Yes

3rd Party Support: Yes

Multi Currency: Yes

3rd Party Interface: Yes

Interface to Whom: SAP,

Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics

Web Demo: Yes

Geographic Areas Sold:

North America, Asia, Latin


Annual Retail Sales -

Target Customer:

All Groups

ARTS (Association for Retail

Technology Standards)


Standard Relational Data Model: No

Unified Point of Service: Yes

IXRetail Standard XML Schemas: No

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