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4410 Massachusetts Ave, NW
Suite 289
Washington, DC 20016
Unefi Ltd.

An online visual merchandising tool like no other

Unefi-RMS is a Relationship and Marketing Management System used by head offices andtheir stores. The system provides faster, more accurate deployment of in-store programs(print and digital), effective management of fixtures and assets, and superior store executionand compliance, at significantly reduced cost.

Target Retailer/Client:

All Retailers; Automotive; Books, Music,

Videos/DVDs; Convenience; Department;

Discount; Drug; Electronics; Health & Beauty;

Home Center; Home Furnishings; Hospitality;

Internet Retailer; Office Supply; Pet & Pet

Supplies; Specialty - Hardlines; Specialty -

Softlines; Sporting Goods; Supermarket,


Hardware Platforms: Hosted Service

Remote Access: Yes

Programming Language: PHP, MYSQL,


Pricing: Software as a service (SaaS)

Number of Installs: 45,000

Year Introduced: 2008

Representative Clients: Adidas, Bell

Canada, Virgin Mobile, McDonald’s, Black’s,

Reebok, TELUS, Rogers Communication and

Wind Mobile

Direct Support: Yes

3rd Party Support: No

Multi Currency: Yes

3rd Party Interface: No

Web Demo: Yes

Geographic Areas Sold:

North America, United Kingdom,

United States

ARTS (Association for Retail

Technology Standards)


Standard Relational Data Model: No

Unified Point of Service: No

IXRetail Standard XML Schemas: Yes

Visit our website: www.unefi.com/
Unefi Ltd. | 4410 Massachusetts Ave, NW Suite 289 Washington, DC 20016 | 844x-864x-9176
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