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PO Box 2211
Acton, MA 01720

Buyer’s Toolbox Solutions Suite

Merchandise and Assortment Planning, OTB, Sales and Demand Forecasting,Profit and Price Optimization, Cannibalization Analysis, Basic Replenishment,Mobile OTB. OnPremise or SaaS. Retail, Wholesale, E-commerce,Multichannel. Single or MultiCurrency. Units, Cost, Retail, Wholesale.

Target Retailer/Client:

Arts & Crafts; Automotive; Books,

Music, Videos/DVDs; Convenience;

Department; Discount; Electronics;

Health & Beauty; Home Center; Home

Furnishings; Hospitality; Internet

Retailer; Novelty; Office Supply; Pet &

Pet Supplies; Specialty - Hardlines;

Specialty - Softlines; Sporting Goods;

Supermarket, Grocery

Hardware Platforms: MS SQL

Server, Windows, MS Azure Cloud

Operating Systems:

Microsoft Windows

Software Group:

IBM AS/400 Vendors

Remote Access: Yes

Programming Language: SQL,


Database Name: Microsoft SQL

Server 2008, 2012, 2014, Azure

Pricing: From $300/month to over

$100,000 to buy, depending on


Number of Installs: 200+

Year Introduced: 1997

Representative Clients: Zumiez,

Starboard, Yankee Candle, Things

Remembered, Cititrends, Puma, Eileen

Fisher, Blain Farm and Fleet,

MicroCenter, Forever New,

Direct Support: Yes

3rd Party Support: Yes

Multi Currency: Yes

3rd Party Interface: Yes

Interface to Whom: Any

Merchandising or ERP system

Web Demo: Yes

Geographic Areas Sold:

Africa, Asia, Australia/New Zealand,

Europe, Latin America, Middle East,

North America, South America, United

Kingdom, United States

Annual Retail Sales - Target


Less than $500 million; $500 million to

$1 billion; Greater than $1 billion

ARTS (Association for Retail

Technology Standards) Compliance:

Standard Relational Data Model: No

Unified Point of Service: No

IXRetail Standard XML Schemas: No

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ANT USA Inc. | PO Box 2211 Acton, MA 01720 | 978x-635x-0877
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