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100 Rawson Road,
Suite 210
Victor, NY 14565

UTC RETAIL POS, Mobile POS, Gift Card& Loyalty, and Merchandise Management

UTC RETAIL offers a suite of store solutions, including software, hardware and services, which help retailers to thrive in the ever-changing and always accelerating retail climate. With 28 years of experience, more than 200 customers and over450,000 store-level installations, we have been recognized as the industry leader in delivering outstanding service and exceptional value. By leveraging innovative, modern technology, our solutions provide you greater flexibility across multiple channels and platforms, and extend the long-term benefits of your investment, well into the future. For more information on UTC RETAIL, visit us at www.utcretail.com.

Target Retailer/Client:
Arts & Crafts; Books, Music,
Videos/DVDs; Electronics; Health &
Beauty; Home Center; Home
Furnishings; Novelty; Office Supply; Pet
& Pet Supplies; Specialty - Hardlines;
Specialty - Softlines; Sporting Goods

Hardware Platforms: Platform
Independent. Please call UTC RETAIL
for minimum requirements.

Operating Systems:
Embedded OS, Linux, MAC OS,
OS/400, Solaris, UNIX, Microsoft

Software Group:
Apple Macintosh Vendors
Client Server Vendors
IBM AS/400 Vendors
Microsoft Windows Vendors

Remote Access: No

Programming Language: Java

Database Name: Database and
Operating System Independent

Pricing: Contact us

Year Introduced: 2004
Representative Clients: Lenox
Corporation, Music & Arts, Dunn
Edwards Paints, Cherry Hill Photo,
Landau Jewelers, Maui Nix

Direct Support: Yes

3rd Party Support: No

Multi Currency: No

3rd Party Interface: Yes

Interface to Whom: Interfaces to a
variety of home office applications,
including merchandising, CRM and
financial systems. Please call UTC
RETAIL for a complete list.

Web Demo: Yes

Geographic Areas Sold:
North America

Annual Retail Sales - Target

Less than $500 million

ARTS (Association for Retail
Technology Standards) Compliance:
Standard Relational Data Model:
Unified Point of Service:
IXRetail Standard XML Schemas:
Visit our website: www.utcretail.com
UTC RETAIL | 100 Rawson Road, Suite 210 Victor, NY 14565 | 585x-742x-5263
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