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Executive Centre 3
25 Merchant Street Suite 400
Cincinnati, OH 45246
PCMS - Vision Commerce Suite

VISION Commerce Suite

VISION Commerce, PCMS’s best-of-breed retail suite, has been designed and architected as an open, Java-based store systems solution that enables retailers to adapt to blurring sector lines, varying store sizes, different selling formats and global growth pressures. With POS, loss prevention, front/back office, self checkout, kiosk, mobile and much more, VISION Portfolio addresses the full spectrum of retailers’ needs by providing individual or end-to-end solutions to meet current and unforeseen needs.

Target Retailer/Client:

All Retailers

Hardware Platforms: Hardware
independence through a Java Virtual
Machine interface. Freedom to choose
the most appropriate hardware platform
and devices for each application e.g. PC
POS terminal (any manufacturer), kiosk
and hand-held terminals.

Operating Systems: DOS,
Embedded OS, Linux, i5, UNIX,
Microsoft Windows, 4690

Software Group: N/A

Remote Access: No

Programming Language: Java

Database Name: Freedom to choose.
Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, JDBC

Pricing: Upon Request

Number of Installs: Upon Request

Year Introduced: 1999

Representative Clients: VISION
Commerce Suite customers include:
Fred Meyer Jewelers, US; Camping
World, US; Half Price Books, US; Best
Buy Mobile, US; h.h. gregg, US;
Rainbow Apparel, US; Bass Pro Shops,
US; Walgreens, US; Harry Rosen,
Canada; Indigo/Chapters Books,
Canada; International Clothiers,
Canada; Nova Scotia Liquor Control,
Canada; Krispy Kreme, UK; Everything
Everywhere, UK; Waitrose, UK; Marks
& Spencer, UK; Auchan, France; Leroy
Merlin, France; Karstadt, Germany;Oroton Group, Australia; Ralph Lauren
Apparel, Australia; Athlete’s Foot,
Australia; David Jones, Australia;
Vodafone, Australia; Prada, Italy;
Salvatore Ferragamo, Italy; Rocca, Italy;
Elverys Sports, Ireland; Metcash Africa,
South Africa; Pick & Pay, South Africa;
John Lewis, UK; Arcadia Group, UK
Direct Support: Yes

3rd Party Support: No

Multi Currency: Yes

3rd Party Interface: Yes

Interface to Whom: IBM (WRS
Software), SAP, Oracle, Epson, Fujitsu,
Wincor Nixdorf, Sun Microsystems,
JDA, QSR Automations, Motorola,
Marketech Retail Solutions, Experian
QAS, Vertex, DigiPos, ACI, Elavon,
Dell, ISD, Ultimate Technology,
Microsoft, Eigen

Web Demo: Yes

Geographic Areas Sold: Africa,
Asia, Australia/New Zealand, China,
Europe, Latin America, Middle East,
North America, South America, United
Kingdom, United States
Annual Retail Sales - Target
All Groups

ARTS (Association for Retail
Technology Standards)

Standard Relational Data Model: Yes
Unified Point of Service: Yes
IXRetail Standard XML Schemas: Yes
Visit our website: www.pcmsdatafit.com
PCMS - Vision Commerce Suite | Executive Centre 3 25 Merchant Street Suite 400 Cincinnati, OH 45246 | 513x-587x-3100
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